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Oregon state budget outlook: Not enough to prevent cuts

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Columbia River Crossing hearing goes into the evening, and the budget is back front and center.


Oregon Political News

Oregon state budget outlook: Not enough to prevent cuts

Vancouver implores Oregon: Build Columbia River Crossing -- and pay for it

A ban on alcohol sales at Oregon supermarket self-checkout stands?

Oregon state budget outlook: What does it all mean?

Cover Oregon enrollment climbs despite non-working exchange

Oregon legislation on e-cigarettes winds up in work group

Cover Oregon: House committee passes health exchange fixes

Cover Oregon: Dennis Richardson, Greg Walden set to announce 'major development'

Medical marijuana in Oregon: Senate Bill 1531 amended to allow cities to regulate, but not ban dispensaries

Oregon revenue projection: 15 million reasons for optimism

CRC testimony goes into evening

E-cigarette bills die in committee

Sen. Winters doing fine following hospital visit

Legislators turn focus to older Oregonians

Richardson calls for audit of Cover Oregon

Oregon Legislative Press Releases

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News From the Regions

Portland/Metro Area

TriMet job approval 66 percent but slipping among Portland area residents, poll says

Transportation Development Tax discount stirs lively debate among Washington County commissioners

University of Portland's $4M gift provides a lesson in ethics

Portland schools gear up for possible teachers strike

Could 'extra' state money help PPS avert a strike?

Hales' office hit with elections complaint

County takes on inequalities across local park system

Salem Area

EPA spent $100,000-plus on West Salem investigation; state health officials to further analyze statistics

Albany/Corvallis Area

Panel: Keep, expand current fire station location

Highway 20 restricted to single lane four miles west of Eddyville

Sweet Home to announce "Indian" decision in the morning

Power companies struggle to keep service connected

Eugene Area

Dorm room entrepreneurs: Meet the 19 year old that already raised $400K

Change sends school in a new direction

Latest weather worry: flooding

Roseburg Area

Douglas County to get heavy dose of rain this week

Medford Area

Medford contract negotiations "productive" so far, district says

Medford sees record rainfall for Feb. 12

Library extension measure will be on May 2014 ballot

Medford schools re-open; teacher talks resume

Klamath Falls Area

Healthy Klamath: Quit smoking

School board approves $1.5 million for Modoc Field

Southern Oregon Coast

Heavy rain, melting snow could lead to landslides, debris flows in southwest Oregon

Confederated Tribes Police Department dispenses justice on and off the reservation

Flood watch issued for rivers near Coquille, Myrtle Point

National News

Washington house passes bill to increase vehicle registration fees to pay for ferries

Dramatic debt vote stirs Senate

Dems double down on economic message

Senate reverses pension cut

Minimum wage that 'makes a difference'

Enrollment in ObamaCare hits 3.3 million

Election mode hits the Capitol

Number of uninsured hits five-year low

Business News

Are nonprofit hospital execs overpaid? SEIU thinks you should have a vote

Natural Resource News

Second fish due for removal from endangered list


Portland Area

Organics, Oregon win in farm bill: Editorial

Wrong debate on income inequality: Robert Samuelson

Salem Area

Case to stop pipeline still strong

Central/Eastern Oregon

Water is the issue in the West

Albany/Corvallis Area

Editorial: Albany might be wise to delay dispensary action

Eugene Area

Wrongheaded recall

Well done, Mr. Speaker

Forest management needed in era of climate change

Roseburg Area

Editorial: A win for conservation groups, a gut punch for the rest of us

Medford Area

A little respect would go a long way

School Board has pursued a combative leadership style

Klamath Falls Area

Put jail fee proposal on the ballot

Southern Oregon Coast

Your Views: Playing ‘keep-away’ with school funds

Oregon Views: Free college idea needs better goal


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